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AEL Mining Services

AEL Mining Services is a leading developer, producer and supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems and blasting services for mining, quarrying and construction markets in Africa and Indonesia.
We are currently seeking for best candidates to fill the following vacant positions:
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
Operation Excellence
- Developing and implementing competency based training for operators at each Site under their responsibility.
- Ensuring all operators understand their duties are carried out in accordance with established operational and SH&E procedures.
- Developing, implementing and controlling comprehensive maintenance programs for each Site.
- Ensuring that all Equipment is maintained and available to meet the ongoing requirements of the customers.
- Ensuring critical operating and maintenance instructions are available at each Site in both English and Bahasa Indonesian.
Cost Control
- Each year developing and agreeing with the Operations Manager an operational budget for each Site.
- Ensuring compliance with the annual budget by regularly monitoring performance and variance to budget and, as necessary, taking corrective actions.
- Sourcing raw material, maintenance, spares and support from local suppliers.
- Ensuring optimum holding of raw materials and maintenance spares at each Site.
- Ensuring that invoices are raised regularly, are accurate and approved for issue to the customer.
- Ensuring that all significant variances in raw material usage are promptly investigated and appropriate corrective actions taken.
- Monitoring working capital levels and ensuring these are kept to a minimum.
Market Support
- Maintaining effective communications at all levels with existing and potential customers. If problems or concerns are identified these must be quickly passed onto the Operations Manager for resolution.
- Preparing and delivering technical presentations to potential customers (as identified by the Operations Manager) and associated statutory authorities.
- Conducting product demonstrations and trials with potential customers and associated statutory authorities.
- Assisting existing customers with the correct and efficient application of products.
- Identifying and obtaining, as required, additional operational and technical support from AEL SA.
- Preparing operational and technical information for all new projects within Indonesia and acting as Project Manager.
- Acting as good ambassador for AEL within the region.
- Developing and maintaining good relationships with explosives licensee companies.
- Attending relevant management meetings and presenting overview of their area of responsibility.
Human Resources
- Identify appropriate resources to help meet Site objectives.
- Provide personal leadership through appropriate behavior.
- Ensure that performance management and appraisal and reward systems are in place and effectively applied to help improve overall business performance of PT AEL Indonesia.
- Manage disciplinary action process as required to ensure compliance to company rules as well as standard operating procedures.
- Training and coaching of staff to achieve performance and development of their capabilities.
The Requirements:
- Bachelor Degree Mining Engineering, sufficiently mature with a minimum of 12 years of experience.
- Matric with at least 3 years of experience in an organization that includes Operations, SHE and ISO 14001 and 9000 systems management. Incumbent needs to work closely with Training, Operations and Engineering Managers, and with customers (at all levels) to promote benefits of World Class.
- Must have strong organizational abilities, communication skills (verbal and written), tenacity, sets priorities, ability to work independently, organizational skills, and flexibility.
- Must know company policies and procedures in depth.
- In-depth knowledge of computer software including Lotus Notes (World Class and CRM), CCAS, Purchase Orders on SAP.
- In-depth knowledge of World Class Systems database.
- Administration of the CRM system.
- Full administration of World Class Document Control System.
- Computer literate, advanced MS Excel skills.
- English spoken & written is a must.
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
- In charge for down the hole and blasting activities.
- Deliver the product within customer request.
- Look after site or department assets required for blasting activities.
- Inspection and measurement of drilled blast holes, to determine quality and number of holes per blast.
- Document and report any anomaly from the Inspection and measurement of drilled blast holes.
- When required, the incumbent will be required to assess blast designs provided and apply this design to any specified bench in agreement with Customer personnel.
- Manage the delivery bulk explosive and accessories required for each blast area.
- The incumbent will be required to travel and work in a roster system.
The Requirements:
- Senior High School, with minimum 5 years’ experience or Diploma 3 degree with minimum 3 years’ experience or Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 3 years’ experience.
- Certificate of Blasting Competency Holder (KJL 2).
- POP Certificate.
- Computer Literate.
- Hold a Driving License (SIM A).
- Good communication skills, in English and Bahasa Indonesia, as the incumbent is required to communicate to management level.
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
- Tie up, Clearing, Firing and post blast.
- Deliver the product within customer request (No product mistaken load into the hole).
- Inspection and measurement of drilled blast holes, to determine quality and number of holes per blast.
- Deliver accessories required for each blast area.
- Must have knowledge of and apply any additional customer Safety Standards.
- Prevent any environmental contamination as per environmental management system.
- Report any incidents occurred to Supervisor.
The Requirements:
- Senior High School with minimum 3 years’ experience or D3 with minimum 1-2 years’ experience
- Certificate of Blasting Competency Holder (KJL 2) and a valid KIM
- Hold A driving license (SIM A)
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
- Operating MMU as per customers’ need.
- Maintain the MMU in a clean condition, inside and outside.
- Refill the MMU material and MMU charging down the hole.
- Deliver the product as per customer’s need.
- Optimal use of MMU unit.
- Pre-checking the MMU prior using and reporting to Supervisor for any under-standard MMU condition.
- MMU calibration as per schedule.
The Requirements:
- Age min. 21 years old
- Senior High School with minimum 3 years’ experience or D3 with minimum 1-2 years’ experience
- Hold B2 driving license (SIM B2)
- Experience as medium truck operator is an advantage
- Certificate of Blasting Competency Holder (KJL 2)
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
- Fast response for field function at site.
- Conduct all mechanical inspection and repair in Plant and charging unit.
- Supervise and check standard job which is done by contractor and give information to Supervisor.
- Ensure the availability of electrical equipment and do repair all electrical breakdowns.
- Ensure all electrical point is safe for user by applying the correct company’s Safety Standard.
- Ensure that all electrical power is always available by immediately identifying the failure of electrical power.
- Do job as per company’s standard which is align with the above standard.
- Supporting Instrument Engineer in instrumentation maintenance as needed and instructed.
The Requirements:
- Age min. 21 years old
- Technical High School (Automotive & Electrical) with minimum 3 years’ experience or Diploma 3 with minimum 1 year
- Hold a driving license, B2 Driving License is preferred.
- Technical knowledge.
- Knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic system.
To be based at Kalimantan Project Sites
Key Responsibilities:
- Operating MMU as per customers’ need.
- Maintain the cleanliness of all operational activities.
- Charging and discharging raw material that will be used in the processing Plant.
- The arrangement of raw material inventory based on First-In-First-Out.
- Ensure all delivery OTIF (On Time Full).
- Removing redo and unnecessary production.
The Requirements:
- Age min. 21 years old
- Senior High School with minimum 3 years’ experience or D3 with minimum 1-2 years’ experience
- Having Forklift License and Boiler License would be an advantage.
- Certificate of Blasting Competency Holder (KJL 2).
- Hold A driving license (SIM A), B2 Driving License (SIM B2) is preferred.
To be based at Jakarta Head Office
Key Responsibilities:
- Conducting Purchasing activities as per procedure in terms of:
- Development procedure and report
- Execute inventory management
- PR verification in order to get the items/services specification based on users’ requirement.
- Supplier appointment (from the approved supplier list) to provide the items/services.
- Price comparison to buy the non-approve and non-contract supplier.
- Liaise with MC in regards with the items arrival plan
- Communicate all potential problems and solve all the problems related to Purchasing process including with external party, such as Supplier, Bea Cukai and Forwarder.
- Conducting the supplier performance evaluation within the ongoing transaction period using the Supplier Performance Report Form (SPR) and give the result to Purchasing Coordinator.
The Requirements:
- Bachelor degree in Engineering
- Having at least 3 years of experience as Purchasing Engineer
- Having experience Contract/Agreement Literature
- Able Inventory management
- Previous maintenance planning experience.
- Technical knowledge.
- Computer literate in Word and in Excel and in MS Project
- Proficient in English
- Having good knowledge about Indonesian Tax and having the ability to do tax calculation and tax report.
- Having good communication skill both in English and Bahasa Indonesia
Should you meet the above requirements, we invite you to submit your application no later than 2 weeks after the publication date to:
Please put [POSITION CODE – YOUR NAME] as email subject. Only short listed candidates will be notified for interview.

Expiry date november, 16 2018


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